Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Synapse, Solicitor and PhD Candidate

A passion for learning and working with people has steered Margaret through a rich and diverse working life. Her interest in the medical professions has endured throughout this journey and her dedication to the health sector lies at the heart of Synapse Medical Services.

Margaret is a Solicitor specialising in Medicare and Health Insurance Law, a Registered Nurse and is currently completing a doctoral project at the University of Technology Sydney on Medicare claiming and compliance. Margaret worked for over a decade as a Registered Nurse in various public and private hospital settings and has over 30 years’ experience in the operation of Medicare and Australia’s health financing arrangements.

Margaret has an adjunct appointment at Southern Cross University working in medical billing and coding research and has been published in the BMJ Open, the Journal of Law and Medicine and the Internal Medicine Journal and is a well-respected and sought-after speaker and author of information on health financing systems, both in Australia and overseas.

As an entrepreneur, Margaret is constantly seeking new ways to improve efficiencies in health administration, by leveraging technology to digitise outdated manual processes.